The H21 Double wire fencing grid is free to adopt for any sports club, sign maker, or location manager.

Benefits of the -free-to-adopt- H21 grid

•   Adopting the H21 grid provides fast, easy, and sustainable sportsfield ownership

•   Adopting H21 provides affordable advertising board management for any club owner, sign maker, or location manager

•   Adopting H21 also includes information - and warning signs

Adopting H21 provides you the largest choice of advertising board mounting systems available

The success of the H21 initiative depends on all European sportsfield managers. The moment any sportsclub or any premises manager decides to embrace H21 everyone will benefit; affordable fencing options, efficient sportsfield management, easy and flawless production and maintenance. 

Double wire panels are commonly known all around Europe, and are often placed on modern sports fields, and on commercial-, and industrial premises.